Community Guidelines

The miraDry® social media platforms are used to drive awareness and conversation around treatment options for primary axillary hyperhidrosis, unwanted underarm odor and hair. Our platforms are safe spaces for people affected by excessive sweating, odor and hair who are interested or seeking more information in managing their condition. We encourage our followers and members to share their stories, concerns, questions, and thoughts, while setting guidelines to ensure miraDry® platforms continue to be a welcoming environment for our community.

miraDry® does not provide medical advice or provide a diagnosis. The statements and opinions of the users are their own and not controlled by miraDry®. We ask that followers, viewers and fans of miraDry® comment respectfully without insulting others and use our platforms with positive intent. We have the right to remove any post that violates the miraDry® community guidelines or the regulations that govern our industry. Additionally, the moderator may comment occasionally to correct misinformation or provide additional commentary to content that may not appropriately address questions or comments about miraDry®, primary axillary hyperhidrosis or other related products and conditions. We ask that you do not post comments or questions that include:

  • Inappropriate content (foul language, topics considered spam or advertising, unsolicited or unverified medical advice, sexually explicit or provocative pictures, crude or controversial topics, Pornographic language or imagery)
  • Disparaging or threatening language (personal attacks), or that condone violence or illegal behavior
  • Discriminatory or derogatory remarks
  • Anything that could be perceived as medical advice
  • Personal information, such as email addresses or phone numbers
  • Names of other individuals without their permission
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  • Discussion of politics and/or religion
  • Information of a proprietary, confidential, sensitive, or non-public nature
  • Ongoing legal or regulatory matters
  • Advertising (including the use of affiliate links)
  • Topics that are not relevant

The miraDry® community moderator continuously reviews content on this site including forums, messages and profiles. We reserve the right to remove or ban anyone from this page at our sole discretion. The views and opinions expressed by members of this community are not reflections of miraDry®, Inc. or any of its affiliates. miraDry® does not endorse the information or opinions shared by members, followers or viewers of our community. Comments will be reviewed for appropriateness and only allowed if they adhere to community guidelines. miraDry® expressly disclaims all liability.